Driving the 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

27 Sep


We’re only 15 minutes into our drive through the winding backroads of Monterey in the all-new Corvette when my stomach starts doing somersaults.

I’m not car sick. I don’t get car sick. Never have. But despite a decade of sitting in the passenger seat teaching others how to hoon, I feel my palms getting clammy.

It’s not that my co-driver is ham-fisted. On the contrary, he’s a hotshoe from a glossy car mag who’s forgotten more about driving than I’ll ever know. He’s doing everything right: accelerating smoothly, braking perfectly, and avoiding the urge to take every turn sideways. But he’s pushing. Hard. The unhinged sensation that he’s operating above his pay grade continues building until he pulls over and we swap seats.

Full Story: http://www.wired.com


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