Blood from the sky

13 Oct

CLEARED. A wall in Sta. Catalina after government announces the area cleared of rebels 20130928

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines – Once there was a boy and a girl who fell in love. The girl was young when she met the boy, one day 11 years ago when she was a teenager in high school. She is not sure why she was drawn to him, only that he was kind. Perhaps they would have married, but it wasn’t very important, with money tight and jobs scarce.

This is their story, Michelle and Jeorge. They lived together and loved each other and decided to have a child. The story would have been a love story, but the howitzers began firing.

This is not a story about a war, or whether there was a war, or whether what happened in the coastal villages of Zamboanga City should be called an invasion or a siege or a failure of governance. It is, instead, the story about a small boy named Eithan, who loved television and lived in a house along Lustre Street in the village of Sta. Catalina with his mother and father.

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