‘I drank five bottles of wine EVERY DAY and ended up on life support’: Alcoholic, 45, who dreamed of becoming a model, says she regrets missing out on a career and children

20 Oct


  • Patricia Murphy, 45, drank 350 units a week but has been sober 7 months
  • Patricia, from Chessington, Surrey, began drinking at 17 after leaving school
  • Trained as a sales assistant and started drinking because she was shy
  • At 35 she met her partner Graham, a teetotal engineer, in a pub
  • In 2012 Graham made her see a doctor who did series of tests
  • Her liver wasn’t functioning properly and she collapsed with cirrhosis
  • Was put on life support then spent 10 weeks in hospital
  • Read full article in Closer, out now


The recommended maximum intake of alcohol for women is between two and three units a day, and no more than 14 units a week.

So it is little wonder that Patricia Murphy – who drank up to 350 units every week for 25 years – eventually ended up in hospital on a life support machine with cirrhosis of the liver, or that she is now waiting to be told if she’ll need a liver transplant.

Patricia, 45, lives in Chessington, Surrey, and has been sober for seven months. Feeling lucky to still be alive, the former sales assistant now wishes to tell her story, hoping to warn other women about the dangers of alcohol, the legal substance which ruined her life.

Full Story: http://adf.ly/XshQQ


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