“Homeland” has a Muslim problem

5 Nov

Every Muslim on “Homeland” is a credible threat — and it’s beginning to look a lot like Bush-era paranoia



“Homeland” has, or more precisely, has had, a lot to recommend it. The show’s depiction of Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) and his conflicted feelings about America and its role in the world — and the actions he took against America in the show’s early going — were among the most realistic depictions of the contemporary state of villainy available on TV. Brody’s motivations, about which we learned little by little over the course of the show’s halcyon first season, chimed brilliantly with an America in which the enemies of the state looked less like Osama bin Laden than like the uncannily familiar Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, people whose very American-ness made them interesting characters and upsetting Rolling Stone cover subjects. “Homeland,” almost certainly inadvertently, met the anxieties of its moment, depicting a nation coming apart from within.

Full Story: http://adf.ly/YqY7v


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