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Brazilian student who auctioned her virginity for £485,000 hopes to sell it AGAIN after claiming the last buyer did not have sex with her

27 Nov
  • Catarina Migliorini, 21, is yet again selling her virginity online
  • The Brazilian claims the first auction did not result in a consummation
  • She originally sold it for a documentary but claims money never surfaced  
  • Migliorini is now ‘re-selling’ it and hopes to make £930,000


8906361W006 catarina 3.jpg

A Brazilian student who sold her virginity for £485,000 is yet again offering it up in another online auction, claiming she the original deal was never consummated.

Catarina Migliorini, 21, is selling her ‘virginity’ to bidders for the minimum of £62,000, but says she hopes for at least £930,000 ($1.5million).

Miss Migliorini’s original ‘virginity auction’ was filmed for an Australian documentary, but she claims she was duped by filmmaker Justin Sisely, and that she was never given the money a Japanese man paid for her purity last October.

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Latvian leader dubs supermarket cave-in ‘murder’

23 Nov


RIGA, Latvia (UPDATE) – Latvia’s president demanded on Saturday that a supermarket cave-in which killed at least 53 people be treated as murder, while rescuers and investigators combed the ruins for bodies or clues.

Terrifying accounts emerged from survivors of the cave-in at the Maxima store in the capital Riga on Thursday, as anger and suspicion mounted over its causes.

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Horrors of India’s brothels documented

23 Nov

British photojournalist Hazel Thompson has spent the last decade documenting the lives of girls trafficked into India’s thriving sex industry. She spoke to Atish Patel about her experiences.

Guddi was only 11 years old when her family was persuaded by a neighbour to send her to the city of Mumbai hundreds of miles away from her poverty-stricken village in the eastern state of West Bengal.

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China bolsters East China Sea claim, warns of ‘defensive measures’

23 Nov


SHANGHAI – China on Saturday bolstered its claim to islands that Japan says it owns, warning that it would take “defensive emergency measures” against aircraft that fail to identify themselves in airspace over them.
Ties between the Asian powers have been strained for months by the dispute over the East China Sea islands, called the Diaoyu in China and the Senkaku in Japan, which are believed to be surrounded by energy-rich waters.
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Egypt declares Turkish envoy persona non grata — Turkey responds in kind

23 Nov

By Susannah Cullinane

(CNN) — Turkey has declared Egypt’s envoy to Ankara persona non grata in response to Cairo’s decision to expel the Turkish ambassador, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign affairs announced Saturday.

The Egyptian government had earlier summoned Turkey’s ambassador to inform him he was persona non grata and to ask him to leave the country, according to state media in both countries.

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Saudi Arabia man arrested for giving out free hugs

21 Nov


A man who decided to offer ‘free hugs’ in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh has been arrested by the state’s religious police.

Abdulrahman al-Khayyal went out onto the streets along with a friend carrying a placard saying ‘free hugs’, apparently inspired by a viral video of a campaign posted on YouTube earlier this week.

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9 Attackers Are Killed in Western China

17 Nov


BEIJING — Nine assailants were shot and killed Saturday night after they tried to storm a police station in the restive western province of Xinjiang, the state-run Xinhua news agency and Radio Free Asia said. Two police officers also died in the attack.

Details of the assault were sparse, but the news agency said the attackers were armed with knives and axes. Calls to the authorities in Kashgar, about 100 miles from the police station, and the nearby town of Bachu were not answered.

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